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Why I Do This

Surgery isn't for everyone, but that's why I started my blog.

There are several reasons, and then there are several more that keep revealing themselves to me as others ask me things that cause me to think about it.

I wanted to keep a thorough record of my decision to have the gastric bypass surgery, the process for getting approved, and the psychological challenges that came with it. I found that to be something of utmost importance because it kept me accountable for every single aspect of this journey without having been cut once. (One of my degrees is in Psychology, accountability is important to me.)

A lot of people call surgery the "easy way" out and they wrongly equate it with a cure, but it is not; it is a tool to use to assist with losing weight and requires life changes that I knew that I needed to force. That said, I changed quite a bit, even without the surgery. I don't want you to feel discouraged or feel like you aren't doing enough unless you're truly unhappy. Even then, I would offer this up as words of encouragement: you don't have to change everything, you don't even have to change a lot. You can succeed by only changing a few things at a time. Start small so that you can enjoy your little milestones. That was one of the most important things I taught myself, that and to #DocumentTheDetails.

An example of starting slowly is to make simple changes: if you drink a lot of soda, switch to juice and when you're ready, switch to Crystal Light (or the great value brand...I prefer that.) Cutting that sugar seems small, but it's HUGE for your body. Start cutting your portions and stop eating when you feel satisfied instead of full (something I still struggle with, even with the surgery.) Gradually incorporate foods that are healthy, but taste good as well, like nuts and cheese as a snack. It seems like a stupid and unsatisfying snack, but I promise, it is all protein and will fortify your body. I have fallen in love with a new Sargento product called the Balanced Break and it combines nuts and dried fruits with their cheese. It was the most satisfying pre-flight snack I've ever had!

When I did have the surgery, I didn't know that I'd inspire people. It's so humbling to this very day because I had no idea that so many eyes were on me, watching and cheering me on when they never said a word (or just being bitter because I was so happy.) One of my best friends reached out and and shared her pain with me and I encouraged her all the way to her surgery, even had her husband call me before, during, and after she woke up in the hospital! I am not a doctor, I am training to be a therapist and an eventual Psychologist. Because of that, I offer advice and encouragement, but never medical advice, and I encourage you to seek a licensed psychologist, when necessary, because I don't ever want to be accused of practicing without a license.

You are MORE THAN WELCOME to continue to read my blog and even contact me with the information on my website,; it's there for people that need encouragement or have questions and, you're actually helping me by keeping me accountable. Even if you don't contact me, I believe in you and I KNOW that you can do this!


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