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That Baby Laundry Detergent...

I just defaulted to thinking that Dreft was THE option for baby laundry care and I added it to my registry without a second thought. So, a week before I’m supposed to deliver, I am preparing my daughter’s laundry. One snag, I woke up to a post in a black mom group I’m in about how Dreft is toxic. So I do my googles to find that some of the ingredients in Dreft were linked to cancer.

So I gather up my unused bottles of Dreft and head to Target where I’ve done the math and found that returning Dreft in exchange for Tide free and gentle costs exactly the same. Further, there’s a $10 GC when you spend $40! Jackpot! So that’s what I did. Then, I checked my registry. Recently my friend told me that I NEEDED to have munchki waterproof changing pad covers and they were $9.99. Target had them on sale for 10% off so I was able to use that GC immediately and spend $0.00 out of pocket! I amaze myself sometimes with how I shop.


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