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The Long, Hard Road

I used to really beat myself up about how long it has taken me to accomplish anything of note. I’ve been working on my memoir and my editor read an excerpt only to respond with how impressive he considered me. It’s hard to pat yourself on the back, unless you’re a narcissist. I’ve aleays been a “humble brag” kind of woman. Most of my life experiences get viewed as “why me?” initially until I reframe the experience as “why not me?” What causes me t reframe it in those terms? Knowing that if it weren’t for me and the burden I choose to bear, others would fare worse.

2004. That’s when I started undergrad, August 20, 2004,in fact. This year, on August 20th, I start my last semester of coursework in my a Master’s program. Will I be finished? No, I still have my practicum and my internship today complete, but the “learning” is finished. What’s most remarkable is that I would have taught myself everything. My professors did nothing, taught nothing, and are responsible for NOTHING which makes me proud. Because of obstructionism in my program, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to walk in the commencement ceremony in December, but if not, I’ll be 100% finished by May 2019.

Ahead of me and many things that require consideration. I have to think about finding a practice, billing, insurance, and licensure. I have to always keep my clients best interests at heart, I have to advertise, promote, and network (the things I hate most because it requires a spotlight on my abities and I can’t dtand self promotion.) but to time. From 2004 to now, NOW IS THE TIME.

I haven’t forgotten about anything else that I enjoy working on, rather, bringing it all together into one. My blogs, vlogs, and other personal aspects of my will remain on this site and my career and practice will become its own site in the future. I intend to register on and go from there! The next few years will be an exciting time and I owe it all to God and my incredible support network of family and friends.

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