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Happy Birthday to You!

It’s been a year, one full year since I gave birth to my child. It’s been one heck of a journey for me and it wasn’t easy. I’ve been tired, I’ve been down, I’ve been lonely, but I have an angel on Earth too. She’s been my saving grace and my single greatest motivating factor. That’s…for me to know, she’s only responsible for continuing to grow.

This is one of the things I have learned in the past year. She’s not responsible for me emotions, she is her own little person. I am responsible for regulating my own emotions and it’s my duty to do so. I’m human, I’m fallible, but she’s new in this world and growing. For her birthday, I chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as inspo and I reached out to my big sis, “Auntie AB,” for the sweetest birthday dress ever! Then, I ordered the cake and all accordant decorations. Take a look at how this came together:

I designed custom candy wrappers for Hershey’s Birthday Cake candy bars, Pinterest inspiration inspired the cake, and I called The Blue Cake Co. to bake it, they even included a free smash cake! E. Blevins is our forever photographer, and our friends and family surrounded us.

We have an awesome village! Between Blue’s aunt, godparents, friends, and family, she had the best birthday! Happy Birthday hungry ONE!


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