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Working 9 to 5

Look, I said that things can and do change. Whether for the better or worse, you have to roll with the storm. From yesterday to today, what changed? My mother has accepted another job and now, we are both employed full time and I have my consulting business and she, her law practice.

It means coordinated child care, it means greater flexibility in what I am able to achieve for Mir, it means health and life insurance, and other benefits for the both of us on top of Medicare, and it means that our separate lifestyles are sustainable. I am truly aiming towards a home purchase within the next year. I still have my heart set on the shed house idea...but at this point, it will be nothing like a shed. It will be bigger, it will be elaborate, and it will be cost effective and new from the ground up. The most expensive aspect should be the land purchase, depending on the area chosen. I actually just got off of the phone with a realtor and I have her looking for a lot for me and so i'm hopeful that I can at least make the lot purchase while I rent the house I'm about to move into. I am truly not screwing around when it comes to this child, might even put her name on the deed. If Serena Williams can buy her daughter a whole sports franchise, I can at least manage this for Mir, right?


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