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Thinking About My Diet Changes

You know what? My coffee is too sweet! I’m down to the bottom of my Venti White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and I’m ready to projectile vomit the thing. This is actually a great sign because not only will I need to decrease the size of my coffee selections after surgery, but I will need to cut out both the sugar and the dairy. I think I might need to research ways to get the drink that I want without the sugar and lactose. My clear liquid diet days are fast approaching. Ugh. How do I do this? Where are the guides that say, “Okay, so you like this drink, then you’ll be able to tolerate this one.” That would be spectacular. Where is the guide that says, “this is what you tell your barista to cut down on sugar?”

I’m truly trying my best to make manifest my new lifestyle. Here’s what my clear liquid diet will look like:

The following foods are allowed in a clear liquid diet:

· Plain water

· Fruit juices without pulp, such as apple juice, grape juice or cranberry juice

· Strained lemonade or fruit punch

· Clear, fat-free broth (bouillon or consommé)

· Clear sodas

· Plain gelatin

· Honey

· Ice pops without bits of fruit or fruit pulp

· Tea or coffee without milk or cream

Any foods not on the above list should be avoided. Also, for certain tests, such as colon exams, your doctor may ask you to avoid liquids or gelatin with red coloring.

A typical menu on the clear liquid diet may look like this.

Breakfast: 1 glass fruit juice 1 cup coffee or tea (without dairy products) 1 cup broth 1 bowl gelatin

Snack: 1 glass fruit juice 1 bowl gelatin

Lunch: 1 glass fruit juice 1 glass water 1 cup broth 1 bowl gelatin

Snack: 1 ice pop (without fruit pulp) 1 cup coffee or tea (without dairy products) or a soft drink

Dinner: 1 cup juice or water 1 cup broth 1 bowl gelatin 1 cup coffee or tea

I have now started to list all that I enjoy eating currently that will still be able to eat afterwards (because you have to have something to look forward to after a clear liquid diet like that.)

· Turkey Breast (and Chicken Breast)

      Turkey is my favorite deli meat, but I might need to make sure that I get it from the meat counter and not pre-packaged to avoid additives and preservatives.

· Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Halibut)

This seems like a no-brainer. I love salmon, I’ll just need to restrict my portions.

· Cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Provolone)

I don’t know about “low-fat” cheese. I will definitely be eating more cheeses.

· Pork Loin (Chops)

*Not until I can eat solids again.

· Lean Beef and Veal (Low Fat)

· *Not until I can eat solids again.

· Beans (Mature Soy Beans)

· Eggs (Especially Egg Whites)

This will be a change, I can do this though.

· Yogurt, Milk, and Soymilk

I currently drink 2%, lactose-free milk. Hopefully, this won’t make me sick.

· Nuts and Seeds (Pumpkin, Squash, and Watermelon Seeds, Peanuts, Almonds)

I’ll probably need to purchase unsalted nuts, and only eat a few at a time.


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