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School DAZE

Failing to properly prepare will mess you up every single time. That's 34 year old wisdom.

I have spent TAHM today configuring a spreadsheet that would help me compare the financial obligations of several private schools in the area and what they cost annually, then broke it down into monthly and weekly. I will actually share my template, but not my actual spreadsheet because there will never be a day where I don't consider Mirae's safety. Pictures blurred, watermarked, nicknames used, no identifiable landmarks until after we are no longer there in the vicinity, that kind of thing.

The foray into the world of private school is an interesting one, one that no one considers until they have to as they become a parent. You want to talk about scary, then start talking about educating your child so that they don't grow up to be an ignorant dummy, and there are A LOT of them walking around this state. This state is consistently on the bottom in education. High school graduation rates are low and college graduation rates are even lower. By virtue of my master's degree, I really set myself apart. In other states, I'm barely competitive. Whatever I achieve, she will go further; if she wants it, I will make sure that she can achieve it. So, we have flash cards all cued up with letters, colors, and geometric shapes, baby sign language books to encourage communication, and books in three different languages so that she can hear it spoken.

You'll find a link to my spreadsheet template here: Childcare Comparison Spreadsheet


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