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Personalized Idea Notebook!

Who doesn’t like things that scream, “THIS IS ME!” Well, not this lady! It all needs to be unique to me.

As I was talking to a friend of mine, my best friend, we were discussing the need to write our genius ideas for craft projects down, but where? I was standing in Michael’s at the time and walked upon a pink stitched journal in their everyday value section. It was pink, it said “brilliant ideas,” and it was perfect! So I bought it.

the first thing I did was add a personal logo to the front. Its 1.5 inches from each side and centered. Then inserted my notebook into a vinyl journal cover that I (probably) wasn’t ever going to use from a Pen&Gear Walmart planner accessory kit! It didn’t fit, so here are the steps to making it fit!


1- One craftsmart stitch notebook from Michael’s.

1-Pen & Gear Planner accessory kit from Walmart.

How To:

  • Place the journal the dashboard cover and assess fit.

  • Cut dashboards to size (apps. 4 and 13/16ths width.

  • To seal sides, if you don’t have a tool, fold aluminum foil over the edge you wish to seal.

  • Run hot iron over the edge and apply pressure.

  • If you have a rough edge, use Xacto or paper trimmer to straighten.


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