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Mothers’ Day

I hadn’t thought that a gift was a necessity because I’m still baking my baby bun, but I haven’t ever needed an occasion to dote on myself before. This year, I glanced down at my favorite jewelry on my finger, an emerald cut blue topaz halo ring, and thought, “I really want something to go with it,” and the hunt began.

I was coveting a pendant for a while, but a friend asked me which piece I’d wear most, a necklace or a pair of earrings so the earrings won out.

As coincidence would have it, topaz is the birthstone for November and that is my baby’s due date so it seems that I was prophetic in my preference for this stone several years ago. I took an instant liking to the blue stone coupled with yellow gold and now, it seems, there was a perfect purpose.

I plan on wearing these in November when I deliver.


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