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Meme Girls

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

What I love most about my friend network is that we are all pretty progressive in our thinking and, despite being married/in relationships or otherwise having positive relationships with some men, on the whole we agree that MEN ARE FUCKING TRASH. You almost can't deny it. There are just too many instances of violence against women for everyone to know a woman who has been victimized, yet no one can point out an abuser amongst their known male acquaintances. That shit looks funny in the light of day.

Well, I saw a friend post this meme and I thought about something...

DRINK LIDS EXIST! They exist, but you never see them at parties, and that should be a thing. Obviously, men aren't thinking rape prevention as much as women are, (but should be.)

So here we are, left to fend for ourselves and look out for each other, again. My proposal is simple: Ladies, if you're going to be hosting a function and you're going to be buying SOLO cups? BUY LIDS TOO. Even if you're not hosting a function, and you know you're going to someone else's function or kickback, BRING LIDS. Keep a baggie of lids in a purse. Give them to your friends, keep a lid. Keep safe.

I HATE that I have to even say something like that in a world where not nearly enough men think it's unconscionable to harass, grope, manipulate/drug, or rape women compared with the messages sent to women that, in the absence of doing anything to correct the problem, they have to protect themselves and prevent things from happening to them. But, here is a simple solution to a huge problem because, IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME. Entering freshmen need to know. Share far and wide! Below, you'll find a link to these lids. I think it's just a pretty simple solution to a problem. Why have we not been doing this?! Buy lids people.

This has a lot less to do with gastric bypass surgery than any other entry, but it's my blog and I decide. But, let me tie it in. After surgery, everything changes, including your alcohol tolerance. You weigh less and your body metabolizes it differently. Not only that, but the sugars in it hit differently. You need to be extremely mindful of the alcohol you ingest and mindful of where you are. For example: I can drink about as much as I always could and not be entirely aware that I am inebriated because I am cognizant and fully functioning. It isn't until I go to sleep and wake up dehydrated that I realize I was intoxicated the night before. Act accordingly.


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