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Today is my Surgiversary and I am soooo overwhelmed! It was 365 days ago that my life was forever changed and for that, I'll be forever grateful. No one could have told me that I would be a size 10 again, or that I would actually have boundless energy again.

To celebrate, I went to the store, picked up a sequin bikini top, and came home with it. I feel mildly disrespected because a Target didn't have a matching sequin bikini bottom, but Tommy Bahama DID so I ordered the bottoms in a size M.

The 12th was my friend's birthday so I got all dressed up to celebrate with her. I wore some shorts that I actually made! I honestly never thought there would come a day when people would describe me as skinny, never thought that I would feel this way about myself, never thought that life would be different to the degree that things have changed, but here I am. Here are some pictures from that night:

The BIGGEST gift that I got myself to celebrate came in the form of something that I felt embodied who I am now. I got both nipples pierced because I felt sexy, vivacious, tenacious, bold, daring, and powerful. I wanted to feel like a seductive temptress, and I do. I love it. I love everything I have done for myself. Let me say, before I put the picture here that there are reasons I'm posting it: first, I feel that I couldn't call myself a feminist if I didn't protest the fact that men can display their nipples and breast tissue without anyone batting an eyelash, but for women, it's considered inappropriate. The second reason I'm posting this is because I am showing loose skin in my breasts, which I will actually post more pictures of in a later post. The third reason I'm posting this is a matter of personal pride. So, there's that, though I really owe no one any explanations.


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