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And So It Begins...

I guess that you could say that this is really a journey ending in that I finally acheived the personal goal of achieving a 2.5 or better G.P.A. I have now done that. It doesn't seem that impressive unless you consider where I have been, where I began; I started off with a .22 G.P.A. After years of trial and error, personal growth, and self-discovery, I now know the student I am. I know what I am capable of and now can accept nothing less and continuoysly set higher standards for myself.

I have never measured my progress as a student by my grade point average because there were several factors that contributed to my successes and my downfalls. I simply managed to overcome that which held me back by means of introspection.

I'm proud of myself, sort of. A 3.33 semester G.P.A? I was aiming for a 3.5, and am now disappointed by a 3.33? Who knew! I have worked myself into some sort of anxious mess this week waiting for grades and was pleasantly surprised by what I earned, if not simultaneously disappointed because I expected an A in one of my classes, but got a B. Argh!

All that I know is that this weekend must be reserved for relaxing, decompressing. Next week, the X-Factor auditions are going to get taken by storm. Where one journey ends, (the arduous task of fighting my way back from collegiate death,) another begins, (showing I'm a fantastic student and an all around talented, compassionate, beautiful human being because the hard part is over.)


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