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Word To The Wise

Read all of the literature that you can find from your insurance policy. I can't stress that enough. If you know enough, they won't be able to mislead you.

I was told that in order to qualify for the surgery that I HAD to have a comorbity, so when they asked me if I had back pain, I said that I did because it has persisted since I was about 13 and has nothing to do with my weight. However, I DID NOT have to have a comorbidity to qualify because my BMI is over 40. So the 6 month wait I've been upset about is, in fact, arbitrary. Had I known this 6 months ago, I would have stood my ground and advocated on my own behalf. So, if you find yourself dealing with this issue, be your own advocate. I'm not suggesting that you lie, but that you make them tell the truth. They made it seem as if the only way that I would qualify is if something else was wrong with me and they used my back pain to do it.

I spoke with the benefits coordinator today and she clarified, but said there was nothing she could do. Then said that I only had one more consult with the nurse coach to go so all of this makes no nevermind. It just would have been nice to not have wasted time and had to use my sick leave, when applicable, to schedule doctor's appointments that weren't strictly necessary.


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