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Womb Letters

Well, you are quite a little scamp already. Every morning at 2 AM approximately, you wake me up and I’m always starving. Unfortunately for your mommy, this is incredibly inconvenient because there are zero restaurants open and I am restricted to only what I can find in the kitchen. You, my love, leave me with an unending taste of sugar in my mouth. I am going to pray this means that you will forever be my sweet baby, but, it tastes nasty in the middle of the night.

Yesterday, you woke me up dying for biscuits and gravy. I don’t know where your minuscule self thought that I was going to find this at 2 o’clock in the morning, but by 3 PM yesterday I was able to locate it. I got two orders in anticipation that this morning would be the same. It was not. I did, however, eat the second order and scrambled eggs with it. After eating, I realized that that was somewhat of a mistake because my stomach was full, I was uncomfortable, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep. What did your mom do? She got up, put clothes on, and now I am currently walking around the block.

I am on my second circle around the neighborhood slowly working this food out of my stomach. I love you, but you are my precious baby handful. My digestion isn’t what it should be, and it will not truly ever be what it once was prior to my surgery, but mom is going to continue walking until I no longer feel indigestion. I haven’t gained any weight with you and I am not sure how that’s going to turn out. It’s looking very dire because I am vitamin deficient and if I don’t kick it in gear, it’s going to cause a problem for the two of us. I hate the taste of prenatal vitamins, but I will do whatever it is that I have to in order to keep you healthy kiddo.

Mommy loves you.


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