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Who's Hungry?!

I have this renewed love for running around in the kitchen and seeing what comes out of it besides a mess and a great deal of dishes. It was for that reason that I purchased several cookbooks from 5 Below that WERE A GREAT VALUE because, holy hell, I've already made several of the recipes and so the next few entries are going to be about that.


So lets talk about all of the helpful info here. One of the best things that I learned after surgery and 2025 DAYS (5 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days) since was that health eating can be flavorful, nourishing, and amazing.

Please don't misunderstand, I love my fatty foods too, and they all have a place, but I LISTEN TO MY BODY and respond to it when it wants something, I don't ignore my cravings because the human body has a way of letting you know when it needs something. For example, I LOVE edamame. Our relationship is rock solid, and one of the reasons we love each other the way that we do is because of the protein content in edamame. I love buying Pictsweet Edamame and I consume the entire package, so that in one sitting, I have gained 15g of protein from just a simple snack.

Often, I'll crave decadent things like Beef Carpaccio with arugula and truffle oil or smoked salmon and this is due to both anemia and the protein needs that arise after surgery. There is always a reason for the things that my body decides that it wants. I have another affinity for beets, whole beets straight from the can and heavily salted (hypertension is not an issue.)

Buying whole grains doesn't have to be expensive. (Don't misunderstand, it can be due to food deserts and other issues that are topics for another day,) but you can also find what you need if you look hard enough. Enter Brandless! What I loved about this site was that everything began as $3 a piece regardless of the item, and they've kept that business model pretty much consistent with the exception of some items that do cost more, but usually remain a multiple of $3. From Brandless, you can get things like whole oats, quinoa, pasta, and other healthy food items and it can be delivered to your doorstep.

Do take a look at those infographics and assess which ingredients you're going to incorporate into your life as you move fats and heavier foods into the MODERATION category!


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