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Well Hello Doll-y!

It has been a while since I updated this blog, but for great reasons. I have been busy with life. Between relationship, family, and professional issues, I have been taking hits like I was in the trenches, but have emerged victorious!

Today was pretty significant, according to MyFitnessPal, I have lost another 10 pounds and my stats were readjusted making my total weight loss since I started trying about three years ago 63 pounds. It's official, I've now lost more weight post-surgery than I did struggling without it! I look amazing and I'm back in the gym so, HOORAY!!!!

I think that I had posted and made it a point to say that I am the happiest I have every been, and that has not changed. I smile every day, I don't worry about how things look when I put them on, and I move so much better, making continued exercise easier for me. I'm all-around improving my health. I drink ridiculous amounts of water to stay hydrated, which makes my skin amazingly clear and that's great for my make up artistry business (

All things considered, when people say that the surgery saved their lives, and they they'd do it again in a heartbeat, please believe them. I would absolutely do this again, and I would cry if I told you in person about it. A couple days ago, Wednesday, I posted a photo to my Instagram:

Last month, a sorority sister of mine whom I didn't ever really like, and one whose opinion means nothing, made fun of my "lapband" surgery. Remember when I said that everyone was going to have an opinion on your life and this choice whether or not their opinion particularly mattered? Well, that happened, and you can tell those people to swiftly stoop to kiss your ass. Yes, obscenity was wholly necessary, because when these people come for you, you're going to want to say much more than that before you realize that you are literally changing who you are daily! People will only know your results, they'll never know your struggle, and they'll never be able to understand it. Quick Calc: Today, I am 17% smaller than I was three months ago on the date of surgery. I have lost 51% of the excess body fat that I wanted to lose. 43% of my body weight is fat. My BMI is currently 35 and, when I began, it was 42. Weight loss is a fight, and only the strong survive; literally.


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