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Vehicular Safety

The last couple of weeks have been a ride, no pun intended. In other parts of the country, we have had storms and we have had gusts of wind make it here from the Sahara. With those winds, came storms.

I love a good storm, but these made me keenly aware of a problem...several problems.

I am currently in settlement talks regarding the issue of my wrongfully repossessed Hyundai Santa Fe. It was taken two years ago and I had to hurriedly replace it to keep me going to work, enriching the lives of others. I replaced it with a 2008 Buick Enclave which was fully loaded for its model year and came with leather seats, a sun and moonroof, and a great many other things. I thought that it would make a great family car. Well... soon, it began to have problems. Alignment, bearings, shocks, struts, four new tires...the list was growing and outstripping the value of the car itself. During the storm, I couldn't keep the car in its lane, couldn't see the lane because the wipers stopped working, and the roof was leaking. It was a dangerous and miserable drive home praying I'd make it.

I made it home and prayed, "God, I just need someone to tell me 'yes.'" Yes, being the answer I needed most because of the wrongful repossession. It made it impossible for me to accomplish anything, even with my job, payment, history, and open accounts.

So...I went to Carvana and started playing around with real numbers and typed my information into their pre-qualification system and, BOOM. I was pre-qualified. I chose a safe vehicle to get me where I needed to go with low mileage and I'm very happy with my decision making. I have a Santa Fe once more. It's a reliable car and will help keep my daughter safe. I hate that I have to put her either on the left or right side of the car and that she can't be in the middle, but I'll figure it out when the time comes. Choosing the right car seat system is another decision for another day as far as I'm concerned.


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