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Get outside today, even if it's just for a few minutes. Make a mental note of something you enjoy about being outdoors. Maybe the sun on your skin, the wind on your face, or the smell of the air. Write about it.

Even in the wee hours of the morning when the night gave way to the dawn, I was able to be grateful for the rain that fell as I slept and the drops that rolled down my windshield. It was my indication that the summer was finally transitioning into fall. Though autumn sometimes gives me the blues, I'm finding more and more joy in the smell int he air right before it rains, when the atmosphere around me is densely packed with the water that will fall. Minus humidity, that is my favorite weather, and when it's coupled with the scent of a fire in the distance, it's unmatched.

I'm sick to death of being hot. The extreme heat of the past few years has had a negative effect on me, causing instant crankiness as soon as I step outside! It's simply THE WORST, and I have refused to leave my house unless I scurry to the air conditioned car and immediately inside my destination. I simply cannot deal. But fall...thank God for autumn. Autumn doesn't even represent death, it represents dormancy in preparation for renewal.

This change in how I see the change in seasons is new for me and, for that, I'm equally thankful. Changing perspective, and the ability to adapt, is a skill that must be honed or life will forever be chaotic because the very nature of life is that things must change. I wasn't always the kind of person that handled change well. In select circumstances, I'm still not the best with it, but there is room for growth as long as you're still living.


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