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Today is the day! Fanfare anyone?

I did a lot of talking about how I couldn't wait to begin this process, and here it is! So let me share a bit of what I have done to prepare. A few weeks ago, I began the process of accumulating different smoothie recipes that I thought would be tasty for me. Having different recipes available at my disposal helps me to be able to prep my meals nightly in order to decide what to take with to work with me and it also holds me accountable. This week I'm going to be having a Key lime pie flavored smoothie, a tropical smoothie, an apple mango smoothie, and other things. I took the time to utilize the pages for iPad app, and I compiled a list of all the different smoothies I wanted. Then, I used numbers for iPad and created a spreadsheet that helped me to plan out my meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and to snack periods throughout each day of the week. For each different smoothie recipe, I listed the ingredients in order of what I was going to need to buy at the grocery store in order to get my meal prep together. I indulged in a seriously high calorie activity because I bought a four pack of Starbucks ready-made Frapuccino drinks so that I could salvage the bottles they came in. I am repurposing the bottles and bringing four different types of milk to work as well as coffee and cream for my smoothies. I'm also bringing ice sold at Sonic drive-in, because the smaller chunks of ice make it easier for my blender, and I am bringing the various dry ingredients needed for my smoothies as well.

Because woman cannot live on smoothie alone, only tonight have I started looking up different blended soups that I can make combining chicken broth, broccoli, and cream with a few seasonings and I'm really looking forward to trying that later on this week or possibly next week as well. In a separate post, I will update about the different smoothies that I have created and tried throughout this two week process. I'll give my reviews of them, and share any new recipes that I have come up with. I have no idea how much weight I'll lose throughout this two week process, but I am hoping that it will be substantial and just a gateway to the major weight loss experience after surgery. Today really is the first day of the rest of my life, in fact, I won't have solid food again for another month and a half. Here we go!


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