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TMI for some, valuable information for women

I don't know that I've ever disclosed this, I'd literally have to go back through the posts on the blog to find out, but this post is on the subject of menstruation.

For a woman, being overweight of underweight can seriously alter your Menstrual flow and it can be most distressing. My experience has been this:

I used to take pride in getting my period regularly; it was the one thing I could count on monthly, like clockwork. Every month, around the 20th depending, of course, on the days in the month, there it was, like an old friend. I was always happy to get my period, until I got my period, and then it was a nightmare. Because my weight was creeping up in number, the heaviness of the flow was very hard to manage. I would discover my cycle had attacked me in the middle of the night like an assassin and I would wake up throughly ashamed. Hydrogen peroxide became my best friend, (THANKS CHEMISTRY.) In my lifetime, I have seen tampax go from selling  multipacks with lite, regular, and super to now selling "heavy flow multipacks" with regular, super, and super plus, finally recognizing that women don't just release mere "drops in the bucket." I honestly don't even consider super plus sufficient, at least not at the beginning of my period.

I still live in Heavy Flow Hell honestly, however, my cycles are back to being regular now. What regular cycles means to me is renewed hope for my ability to reproduce. I'm 28 with no children. One day, I'd like to think that I could conceive without significant medical help and financial investment.


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