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Sister Slim Down

It all started with a text.

I told my sister that a woman mistook my menstrual cramps for Braxton Hicks contractions in Walmart and I knew that all hell was about to break loose in my world

I’m currently a size 6-10 depending on the garment but there’s an issue with having to question what’s going to fit when I get dressed so I’ll just be damned!

Enter the Sister Slim Down! All of my friends have a few extra pounds so I instituted a selfie challenge to add accountability to each other. That peer pressure really kicks in when you think you’ll lose out on a bet or challenge. In fact, I did NOT want to exercise at all tonight but I felt guilty for issuing a challenge and then not rising to it.

I did three miles tonight! I hate it when I pause my workout and don’t get back on before the reset, but I paused so I could stretch and do some high knee kicks. By the time I got back on after .86 distance, I just had to guesstimate the rest of the way. Sucks for me!


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