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Picture Post!!!!

I'm VERY proud of myself and all that I've accomplished in the last 8 months. When you see results like this, you really could not care less about what people have to say, (unless they're complimenting you!)

I've a lot of hobbies; it's a safe bet that I'm thoroughly interested in anything to do with being creative. I refer to it as "flexing my creative muscles." I've developed a love of sewing that has been a lifetime in the making. My mother had sewn all of my life and used to make me dresses and costumes which I desperately wanted to be able to do for my own children one day. She never wanted to teach me how to sew herself because we both suffer from a deplorable lack of patience, so I took a class in undergrad, and failed at it by my standards. So... I started with the basics and bought a couple of baby outfit patterns because a have friends expecting baby girls. Let me tell you, I AM LOVING THE END RESULT!

Aren't those outfits DARLING?! There are some imperfections, but I'll fix them for the next time I make these!

Next, I set my sights on myself... I have a Princess Tiana costume I want to make AND it's BATHINGSUIT CLEARANCE SEASON! Naturally, I went nuts in Target and I found this cute bikini bottom which was nude with cream crochet. I kept imagining how hot I'd look on the beach with my man friend while wearing it and I HAD to have it, yet there was NO MATCHING TOP. Well, I take that back, after going to three targets I found the top in an XS. So, I bought three XL bottoms and started making my own top:

Can you dig it?! Custom bikini $28 (instead of 40) !!! I didn't stop there either. I found a white crochet bikini as well with a Tankini top, which was cute enough as it was, yet I wanted to show off my assets/ hard work and sacrifice. So this is what I came up with:

SEXY, RIGHT?! I'm loving it!

Also, as a bonus, I discovered that my ring size has gone down and I'm now wearing a size 6 ring on my ring finger. That's only relevant if you're expecting a proposal, which I'm not, but damn if I didn't drop a hint! 

I've started going back to the gym because I'm less than enthusiastic about my fluffy tummy so I took a few pics after my workout for this blog.


Until next time...


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