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Nursery Refrigerator on a Budget

When I thought about breastfeeding as a journey, I had inconveniently forgotten that there were going to be people handling my baby that weren't always going to have milk on hand to feed her.


These people include, but are not limited to: daycare providers, grandparents and other family members, friends who have agreed to babysit, and other caregivers—as needed. Really, the list was longer than I thought. I don't plan on being a mom trying to do "it all," and refusing to bathe, sleep, or whatever the case migh—neglecting personal hygiene. No, I can't actually afford to be that person because I have to work and I have two small businesses that require my attention, and three dogs...with a baby. So, there will have to be times I lean on others, and frequently.

So, what could I do for those who don't have on-demand milk at a 98.6 temperature? Get a deep freezer. But, have you seen how expensive they are?! I wasn't going to dig that deep into my pockets for something that might get used for one year, maybe two, and then become just another thing I have to move hither and thither. So I found a work around. I bought a mini fridge from a store called, "Dirt Cheap,' for $50 and converted it into a freezer for the nursery. I plan on putting it in her closet where I have placed bins for her clothing stored by age and growth. So take a look at the pictures, you’ll see my super sweet bins and fridge! IT WORKS! I froze a mini bowl of ice!


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