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More progress... And I'm feeling FABULOUS!

It's been said about me in the past and, shhhh, don't tell anyone that I agree, but I am vain. Not vain in a Cassiopeia kind of cataclysmic way, but a "I like the way I look and I want to stare at myself way..." Crap, I just described what killed Narcissus! (Unintentionally.)

But when you gain weight, obviously, your confidence suffers and you stop wanting to see yourself, or don't see yourself in the same way that you used to. It's just a thing that happens, and it happened to me.

Today, I had a job interview. So, naturally, last night I panicked over what to wear and said, "What if I can fit something I used to be able to fit into?" So I tried on this dress from 2011 which I wore to my Alpha Kappa Alpha rush and to my Miss Black Arkansas interview.

I discovered that I. CAN FIT. THIS DRESS. AGAIN!!! Holy crap! I was so excited that I started trying on more clothes that I had written off and found I could fit more! So I ended up wearing a pleather skirt and a white button up with black booties to my interview and I thought, "I wonder what the body comparison pictures look like compared to today?"

Look at the likes! So now is where I take the opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for the support. I'm in no way finished because I have been MIGHTILY encouraged to keep going! Today, I felt like the prettiest woman on the planet, move over Beyoncè! I don't even need to be FLAWLESS, I'm happy with a few small inclusions!


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