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Just a Little Bit of TMI and a Dose of FYI

Ok, I typically don't believe in posting anything about toilet habits online, but because this is a blog about WLS and gastric bypass surgery specifically, I'll "go there" today.

I just had my first real bowel movement. That's monumental because I'm only 4 days post surgery! Today, I had Chicken a Tortellini soup for dinner in a 2 oz. portion. Following instructions, I halted all liquids 30 minutes before and 45 minutes after. I also began my day with a chewable multivitamin. I'm not sure if the multi I'm taking was what the nutritionist suggested, but I hope they're comparable.

I'm really encouraged by the BM because that means several things:

Because it's common to experience constipation after surgery, you might not have a bowel movement.  Pain medication and a pureed diet can contribute to constipation.  If you go more than two (2) days after discharge without a bowel movement, then you're to take Milk of Magnesia or Miralax as directed on the package. However, laxatives can become habit forming.

What makes me happy about this is the fact that the muscles that needed to be cut have healed enough that I could use them as necessary and I haven't taken any pain medicine today either.

(Did I sanitize the topic enough? I understand that it's not the most pleasant of topics, but it means good things for my health.)

When I left the hospital they gave me a lot of small medicine cups that measure two tablespoons or about 1 oz. The nurse, however told me that I should be up to two ounces by now and tomorrow I'll be on my soft/purée diet. I was thinking about my return to work and how I really won't have the time during the day to measure out foods so it's going to take prep before hand. This is the point where I share with you the discovery of these condiment cups (HERE)

These little cups are perfect for portion control, because as I said earlier, I was truly scared that I would eat too much and hurt myself pretty severely. These come with lids so you can pack your pre-measured meals with the lids and just whip 'em out throughout the day! When you're ready, 4 oz. cups are available on Amazon (HERE) and I even found these tiny spoons (HERE) which help you to eat slowly and build up your portions to what they should be ideally.


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