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I Need a Drink!

...and by drink, I'm alluding to the liquid diet.

It's amazing to me that time is flying by so fast. I'm one week+1 day from starting this liquid diet. It's going to be the longest two weeks ever... Or at least that's my perception of it on this side of the struggle. *chuckles* I may start this liquid diet and it could fly by just as quickly as the days leading up to it have. My best friend sent me a picture today that looks great. She captioned it, "I feel fat and ugly." I immediately sent her a photo collage with pictures of her before the surgery and two afterwards to help her see her weight loss. I really want her to love herself through this process but I can't do that for her. She has to come to that realization on her own and I can only help her. I'm really excited because the therapist, whom I initially resented, made the comment that she was happy that she would be getting to see me through this process. Typically, you go in for your psychiatric evaluation and they never see you through the process. Because I have my own personal issues that I need to work through, I'm continuing to see her. I'm ready for this. I'm ready for the hard work, ready for the fight of my life. I don't see this as the easy way out. This is a of harder than increasing your protein and getting in the gym to cross train, this is decreasing everything while trying to maintain normal nutrient levels IN ADDITION TO getting in the gym to first do cardio to decrease fat and then cried training to tighten up. It's not the easy way out. I'm not interested in watching the weight fall off, but actively making sure that it comes off the right way. I won't be satisfied if I haven't done everything in my power to look the best I can. In any event... 8 days to go!


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