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Gobble, Gobble, Time to Waddle

Let’s dispense with the suspense, shall we?

I am expecting my first child. I am actually over the moon about it and thinking about starting a new blog, but...I might not do that and just keep it right here with it’s own tag. Matter of fact, yes, doing that.

Before I knew how far I was via ultrasound, I had a thought that I’d be due in December, but I’m due on November 6, 2020—which makes this My Forever Valentine.

I began by telling all of my closest friends and family because I don’t plan on making a grand announcement on social media. I’m not fond of people I don’t know well feeling comfortable enough to express how they feel about me; It’s tacky. I called my sorority sister and a few long distance friends first, then I started telling my father and sister, followed by extended family, and I sent a card to my mother calling her Grandma to the third power. There’s so much work to do before the Beanie Baby gets here, and I knew it included clearing a lot out of my life physically like possessions I don’t need, but it also includes clearing out bad energy, stress, and anyone who could cause me to experience stress. I’m 33, so my health is a priority for me because I was only one year away from being classified as a high-risk.

So here I am with my beautiful baby one and done. I was blessed to not have to wonder how to afford multiple rounds of in vitro, or prepare my home for case workers and inspections with adoption (which I gladly would’ve done,) and now I’m pregnant! I guess I didn’t struggle with PCOS like I thought I did all those years ago. One of my greatest fears was that I would close my eyes to this life without having a child of my own. Now, I know that I don't ever have to have that fear again.

When I first had the gastric bypass surgery, I stopped menstruating completely and I thought it was PCOS because of the weight gain, the facial hair, inability to lose the weight, etc. Now, 6 years later, I’m still small, no facial hair, and pregnant. Who knew?

Everything might not be perfect, but what is perfection? It may very well be different to different people.


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