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I always begin entries by talking about how long it's been since the previous post. I'll spare you.

Today, I've met my goal. I'm 150 pounds now which means I've lost 125 pounds since surgery. Things have changed a lot for me since having lost the weight. I'm in the gym every day of the week, my confidence is through the roof, I'm dating more, and I really worked towards loving myself over the past year and I have done so. I refer to myself as teflon because I take ample verbal abuse from strangers on Twitter and I can't seem to bring myself to care about what the next person says about me. I'm living my life in the most beautiful way possible: free from strife, restriction, or worry. (See pics below)


I've done a lot of things of which I'm proud. I've launched several businesses, designed logos for them all, really honed other talents and interests, and I can't help but to thank God for the freedom to do all of that. My website houses all of my creative endeavors, check out when you have time!


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