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Getting Protein after Surgery

Even before the bypass, I remember knowing what a challenge getting sufficient protein would be because of my lactose intolerance. A lot of the protein shakes out there are to be combined with milk or with water, but contain lactose because it's just a dehydrated milk substrate. That doesn't work.

Prior to the surgery, I had success with Muscle Milk and got the chocolate and vanilla blends. I'd add them to my coffee or mix them with almond milk or in smoothie combinations that I found. One day, I was in a local warehouse retailer and saw the Fairlife protein shakes in chocolate and vanilla and they have 30g per serving. That's pretty amazing for one protein shake, so I bought them. It's half of the required protein that I need in just one bottle and food accounts for the rest. They're delicious and they don't make me sick. It's an all around win. If you have a MyBlend botttle (mine is still going strong after 6 years,) then all you need is to add some strawberries, banana, or both to the vanilla shake and then enjoy!


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