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For When You Get Scared—The Psych Eval

A support system is beneficial for your success. You may or may not have someone in your life that you once thought would be in your corner, only to realize that, you might BE doing everything yourself. You might BE alone. Except, you aren’t.

People often find themselves alone in preparing for surgery and it’s because people in your life have to make changes too, changes they weren’t ready for or changes hey didn’t agree to, and you need to be aware that other people who are not entirely on board will continue on their own path. They might even do things like eat fats in front of you or dig into their eating habits, knowing yours have to change,

They might not ever change, but you have to, and if your eyes are wide open to that, you can be successful.

The surgery is not an instant cure. It's a lifestyle change.

Life stressors will never stop, but you have to compartmentalize your thoughts because it is possible to fail the psychological evaluation. Weight loss surgery is only a tool in your belt. Coupled with exercise and a change in your eating habits, there’s no way to fail. But note, I said COUPLED WITH change. Without change, you will absolutely fail. People have gained every single pound back, they have died. You’re supposed to be your best friend, you're supposed to be in your own corner. No one can want this more than you do, right? For this reason, to assess your commitment, a psychological exam is required.

Your support group is also a resource, use it. These people have gone through or are going through the same thing. All of the fears, all of the stress, we all have it. This is an entire blog dedicated to fears and concerns of my own. Ask people in the group if they had someone who wasn't supportive about the surgery and they'll tell you. Tell them you're scared of other health issues, they probably were or are too.

That's supposed to be a network of people who are trying to change their lives too. Now, if you get sucked under with five different things instead of focusing on trying to accomplish your goal...which, by the way, changes everything else, you're not going to be able to be successful, you'll talk yourself out of success because you're afraid to fail.

Seriously, have you been reading my blog? I went through all of this with people saying mean shit to me the whole way through. My mom didn't change how she ate, and I couldn't very well expect her to either.

If you're determined to survive this surgery and kick ass, then that's what you'll do, you'll survive and you’ll have done it for you and NO ONE on earth will be able to tear you down from that pedestal. All you have to do is take it one step at a time.

Start now by reducing your portions, cutting out fats and oils, and pass that psychological exam to prove that you're fit enough to handle the changes that are going to come your way, you will pass!

You have GOT to take full responsibility of this surgery. Your body is like play dough. Every choice you make is like molding the play dough into what you want it to look like. It all counts.

Think of all of the ways you're going to be so much more free when you reach your goal weight.

Go into your kitchen right now and look around. Any fried food? Cookies? Throw shit out right now.


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