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Finally Making It Work!

I’m pretty sure that I shouldn’t have progressed this diet as fast as I have, but I have come to believe that because I have less weight to lose than most, that I just need to do what works for me within reason to make sure that I am getting all that I need. I think that overall health is the primary concern for all parties involved, but I am also concerned with the ability to maintain a sense of normalcy as well.

So, onto my diet progression:

Friday, the 24th of January, was A BAD day! I have no idea how that happened but here’s what happened… I started my morning by taking my vitamins and I cooked myself a scrambled egg with cheese added in (14g protein.) In an effort to hydrate I started drinking fluid until about 9:30 and at 10:00 am I ate that egg. I put it in a 4 oz. container and so I proceeded to eat the 4 oz. My stomach held it, but just barely. BARELY. I was full and very uncomfortable. Mentally, I started to panic because I had been scared to death earlier in the week after being told that stretching my pouch too fast could cause stress on the staples and cause me to leak food into my body and lead to death. I think it wasn’t right to strike such a fatalistic tone with me and I forgot which medical professional said it because I spoke to three different people on the same day and there was no general consensus on where I should be but plenty of opinions on where I shouldn’t be. I stayed full like that until around 10 pm unable to drink any water or consume any other type of protein, to include a shake. I was miserable and dehydrated all day. I haven’t ever craved water so much.

The next day, I learned my limit and dedicated Saturday to making sure that I consumed fluids as often as there was room in my stomach. I don’t remember what I ate on Sturday… wait, yes I do. I drank water all day and then I ate vinegar/water soaked cucumbers late that night.

I woke up Sunday in an INCREDIBLY pissy mood, depressed because I have felt unable to eat AND drink in the same day. After a conversation with my mother, I decided to throw my hands in the air and deviate from the program and I ate half of a fish taco. My mouth and stomach thanked me! 30 minutes after that, I drank water and 30 minutes after that, ate the other half of the fish taco. My mood immediately improved after eating that taco, which tells me that I have to make sure that nutritionally and emotionally I’m satisfied by what I eat. It is mental, but bear in mind that I am also bipolar so I have the bonus that is making sure that I keep my moods levelized.

Today we had a staff meeting at work and someone brought cold cuts and cheese (HALLELUJAH) because after I eat the slice of turkey, roast beef, and the two slices of cheese, I’ll have taken in (20g. of protein,) then I’ll make a protein shake (32g.) and follow it up with my lunch of black eyed peas with ham (10g.) and dinner will be a small portion of a Tamale which contains more pork (7g.) which gives me 60 g of protein today. That was my magic number! So praise God, I have found a way to make it work!


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