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Captain's Log (Day 4)


That was my mental reaction to the shake that I just whipped up. I call it the Neapolitan shake for obvious reasons. I used one scoop of Muscle Milk Vanilla, one of Muscle Milk Chocolate, and frozen strawberries with almond milk. Life = good. Hopefully this will take me to lunch. I am actually starving, which only means that I didn’t get out in front of my hunger in time. That’s a mistake. I try to not let my stomach reach empty because no beverage will make me feel full.

As seriously hungry as I am, I’m actually more tired than hungry so I’m most likely going to take a nap during lunch hour. That should carry me towards snack 2 and my pre-departure shake before I motor home. I just realized that I mistakenly used my store of almond milk for my Neapolitan smoothie instead of the Key Lime smoothie that it was for… so… I’m not sure what to do.

1:25 pm

My body told me what to do. I got into the backseat of my car and drifted right off to sleep without any further hesitation about it. I was truly exhausted. Now, all I can think about is getting home to my bed at the end of my workday.

2:32 pm

HOLY CRAP! This Peanut Butter smoothie is giving me life right now! It tastes just like a Butterfinger and it is really making me happy. This comes after a coworker stopped to muse, “I bet after a while, you’ll have to work to choke it down.” *Cue blender noise. I even used regular milk instead of the suggested almond milk, which I know will only make this that much more THE BUSINESS!

I never expected to be this happy while on a liquid diet. This takes patience, work, and commitment. Only eating soup and drinking shakes for 14 days? It seems like it would suck. But adequate preparation can take you a long way. It doesn’t have to be the same shake every day and they don’t have to taste disgusting either. I really thought that after the bad shake experiences of day one that I was a goner, but… I thrive!

Dinner is planned out. As yesterday was New Year’s Day, we had the traditional black eyed peas and ham hocks (not low fat, but…whatever.)I blended the peas, meat, and broth until it was liquid consistency and that was my dinner yesterday and it will be once more. I have to time my dinner just right so that I’m tired right after I drink my dinner soup. That cuts down on late night hunger pangs.


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