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Can’t Stop the Feeling

I cannot shake the desire to invest in a shed house. I found a lot for sale and I really think that I want to spend my next two checks on the lot. Then, I want to see about how to get the money needed to buy this shed and convert it into a house.

At first glance, seeing this On Home Depot’s lot isn’t awe inspiring but, you have to have imagination. Choosing the larger shed, adding a gable to the roof, better front door, window upgrades with planter boxes, wrap around porch, and boom. A house with no mortgage for about 40k...and NOT a tiny house!

My major issue right now is acquiring the financing in order to get going on this or in saving enough that financing is not required. There are so many lots that are affordable right now around the city, and while they are in less developed areas, gentrification is real and this house is a start towards revitalization.

The more that I think about it, the more and more I fall in love with the idea. i'll still be in my current place until after the baby is born, but there is nothing stopping me from acquiring the land and saving my money until i can actually do something with it. There's power in the land purchase.


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