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Between Forever 21 and Suddenly 42.

Let's have a conversation about F21...

I will readily admit that I still shop there. As a Former Fat Girl, I refuse to let it go, and here's why:

Clothing is very expensive.

As an adult, I recognize that not all clothing is made the same. But I need you to understand that while how things are made and what they're made of counts, price when you've lost a lot of weight matters a hell of a lot more. Thrift stores are your friends...and so are cheap stores like F21. The same polyester chiffon that you will see at boutiques or at AT Loft are on the shelves at F21, so what do I do when I see something with a print that I like but is cheaply made? I reimagine it or fix its weakness. That's the beauty of sewing.

Adulthood actually taught me that, regardless of where you purchase something, tailoring and alterations help you to really own the hell out of whatever yore wearing. Losing weight taught me to alter clothing myself out if necessity.

Somewhere between Forever 21 and Suddenly 42, I exist comfortably at Thrifty 30 where I combine cheap and chic in a way most could never.

I found this H&M dress on ThredUp for a huge discount! It's a little small, so I'm going to use a similar dress I have to make new sleeves becsuse the similar dress is too large.


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