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A picture is worth a thousand words!

I love being a planner chick. It’s no secret whatsoever and I’ve taken it to new levels by slowly acquiring one sticker book after another and formatting my printer to print directly to the page and creating my own stickers.

I stepped up my game when I bought the Canon Ivy photo printer and I began to place pictures of memorable days and people into it, creating a memory book where I once planned head. It’s the duel-purpose that I loved most!

Cue 2019’s SUMMER SPROCKAPACOLYPSE: this was the day that the HP Sprocket was found on clearance at staples for $18 and everyone went crazy trying to get one. Women were buying several at a time being greedy and I was trying to find one for my best friend who was considering surgery. I hoped to get one for her but we weren’t so lucky. Well, now the Sprockets are on amazon for less than $50 so I had to tell her! Finally the HP Sprocket was within her grasp. I had two friends who wanted one based on how I had been finding ways to incorporate pictures into my layouts and I’m so glad they have it now. Memory planning is relaxing! It’s fun to plan ahead, but even sweeter when you see where youve been!


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