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A Little ER Fun

I remember starting my day thinking, “As long as you get to work on time, everything will run smoothly.” Boy, was I wrong.

I did get to work on time and by the skin of my teeth, but there was a traffic jam that definitely hindered my progress. Someone’s Jeep caught fire and needed to be extinguished on the river bridge. I get to work and i got permission to not return after lunch because I had an OB appointment. I tried to maximize my time before my appointment, but everything kept going wrong. I get to my appointment and was turned away at the door... why? Because I had to be tested for COVID as a condition of employment. I’m not symptomatic, no contact with anyone ill, and turned away.

I arrived home to find I had no TV or internet because it was disconnected. I had forgotten to amend the disconnect date because the last time I tried to contact AT&T, it took 4 hours on hold to get anything done. I don’t have hours to just be throwing away like that. I was so DONE with my day at that point that I tried to nap for my own sanity...only to wake and think, “it might be safe enough to take the dogs for a nice lengthy walk.” WRONG AGAIN.

I get the dogs leashed and downstairs and one of these people has their dogs off leash. So what happens? Their dogs come running towards mine. I started screaming for them to grab their dogs and Koda slips his harness. Now, he’s running towards them, and so I try to intervene. I slipped and fell, hit my head, belly, and knee, all the while screaming “grab a dog, I can’t, I’m pregnant! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GRAB YOUR DOG.”

As my bad luck would have it, these people don’t even live there. I called the concierge officer and filed a report and I contacted an attorney because I’ve had it.

I went to the closest ER. I made it to triage, but 5 hours later, no one had checked on the baby and that wasn’t okay to me. So I left and went to a different ER. In less than 20 minutes I made it to L&D triage where they attached a monitor and it turns out that I’ve been contracting ever since the incident, but I’m not in labor or dilating.

I can see my contractions as they happen. I guess this is practice for showtime, and an all-around crappy experience. I haven’t had a day this bad in a long time and that’s not even all that went wrong, it’s just all I have the energy to say.


3:32a - I am being kept for observation. I’ve tried not to be overly dramatic, but this is worrisome. They’ve just done an ultrasound and my girl looks okay. She’s measuring small. I can expect to be here several more hours and I’m afraid to close my eyes since I hit my head. I’ve been asked to sign a consent to deliver if it becomes necessary. They said they’re not trying to deliver, but will if it becomes necessary. I am not ready... but now I see just how close I am to having no choice.

i just had another contraction. They’re mild, yet uncomfortable. I’m breathing through them.

4:30a - They’ve started an IV and have drawn several vials of blood from me. Fluids are to keep me hydrated. I feel like my birth plan has flown out the window.


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