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I'm going to get personal, which I don't really do on SM I mean, you don't know me, you know my curated life.

My struggle with PCOS was a private one, until today. It's one of the reasons for my weight gain and it was motivation for my weight loss. It is possible to have children with medicinal intervention, but isn't prudent unless it until you're in a long-term relationship or married. And because I'm in no rush to find myself in a relationship in which I compromise myself for the sake of a diamond flake, it's looking like I won't be having children. *record scratch* I'd probably adopt and undergo in-vitro.

Awareness of feminine struggles is necessary. Physicians can be dismissive. One of my doctors dismissed my desire to test my hormones and actively manage PCOS because I was in a relationship, but wasn't engaged or married. It's serious, and so disheartening to be denied medication that could stay the deterioration of my fertility.

If you have a struggle, don't remain silent. Accept who you are, embrace yourself.


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