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List five "little things" that you're thankful for right now, at this very moment.

  • Friends

I am extremely grateful for my friends! I'm in the process of planning another movie night for my friends and showing the timeless classic, "Clueless." We all had such a great time the first time when I showed Now and Then that it HAD to happen again. More laughs, more love, more togetherness! While I was dreaming this up, I was texting one of my besties who said she was on her way to Five Below and then to Target. We must have been on the same page because I had a bag full of Happy Planner stuff to get to her and decided to meet her at 5 Below just as she asked if I wanted to do the same. So there we were at Five Below laughing and having a great time that we carried on to Target. 3 hours later, we left with exactly what we came for, which NEVER happens, and I have never laughed so hard! I'm thankful for friendship, for our laughter, and for the love I always feel.

  • Family

I had a long FaceTime with my niece M1 last night and I am truly thankful to be loved so completely by that girl and her brother. We are as close as peas and carrots and I am double grateful because they were born when I was younger and not totally interested in or able to be a doting aunt, I could only be the cool aunt...but even that would take time until they could hear of or bear witness to my shenanigans. Now, my high schooler can benefit from my best knowledge and experience. She's reading Lord of the Flies in school now and I have decided to read it to her via FaceTime such that we can experience it together and bond more. It is that time, the quality time, the love that we share that I am soooo thankful to experience.

  • Target

Getting in and out of Target with exactly what I came for is awesome. Seriously. But, more than that, I love that store! I have even gone on a first date to Target. It is a happy place without that "People of Walmart" kind of feel.

  • New Sticker Books

I got two new Happy Planner sticker books today as they were being released. I had Joann price match Michael's 40% off and then used a coupon for an extra 20% off my entire purchase. Two sticker books for a total of $16.91! The Homebody book and Glam Girl!

  • My Bed

Finally...I'm thankful for my big ass bed and the roof over my head because it's been a LONG week and I've been busy every single day of it with no end in sight. Yet, and still, I am grateful because I have never been this fulfilled.

The gratitude that I committed to the day after Christmas 2018, has returned and I have "no bad days," not really. I have days that test my coping abilities more than others, days where I need more sleep than others, but NO BAD DAYS.

What can I say? I am loved, I have a swarm of fantastic friends, and I don't really need anything.


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