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I reached -100 pounds almost a month ago, and here's what you need to know about that (besides the fact that I'm over the moon about it,) it's the fact that I beat the odds for this surgery.

Weight loss surgery is considered successful when 50% of excess weight is lost and the loss sustained up to five years. For example, a patient who is 100 pounds overweight should lose at least 50 pounds; a patient who is 200 pounds overweight should lose at least 100 pounds. 

I wanted to lose that 100 pounds and by all markers, I could've just lost 50 for a healthier life, but I did push myself. My typical diet these days has been garbage, I'm deliberately trying to keep my weight consistent at 170, and so I have been eating high calorie foods.

In any event, I'm down 100 pounds and never looking back! I'm feeling a push to tone right now because I don't want excess skin issues, but I'm waiting to see what happens to my body in the next few months.

Until then...


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