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525,600, and we aren’t talking bout minutes!

So, let me tell you how much this child has cost me so far… [AMOUNT]. Now ask me how I know. I know because I have decided to keep a spreadsheet, as best I can, of all of the money this baby has cost me over its lifetime. This is me being petty because I never intend to charge my child the cost of raising it, I just want to laugh every once in a while at the expense…or cry, whichever comes first. It is equally as illustrative to educate people on exactly how much this costs so I can FOREVER stop hearing these stupid ass men complain about their measly ass child support contribution, contributions that I won’t ever get. I’m still trying to remain hush hush about the gender despite finding out on Monday, June 1, 202045. This post blows that secrecy out of the water so I’m authoring it today, but it is being scheduled for a later date. Y’all have to learn patience. Lol.

I wanted to have a sweet little photo session that revealed my child’s gender and I’m actually just totally tickled that I know something you don’t know!


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