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New Episode Coming Soon

I have to admit that there have been some issues with new episodes and the issues stem from the difficulty of what I want to discuss. For several years, I was involved in an emotionally abusive relationship. Towards the end, I began to act in fear of him acting in a physically aggressive way. I desperately want to address it because it is my truth, but Lord knows, in the interest of self-care, I typically elect not to revisit it.

Another hardship I have had is gathering up the courage to talk about life with mental illness. It is brave of anyone to disclose the ways in which they struggle. I believe, firmly, that mental illness should not be stigmatized, If I could change myself and rid myself of bipolar disorder, I would have long since done so. The way that people treat you is absolutely deplorable, I just happen to be the type of person who doesn't stand for such things and so, you will always get a response from me be it now or later; you will hear from me.

The last topic that I want to address this season is my gastric bypass procedure and I want to show and tell things like my scars and talk about my workout routine, the changes I made prior to surgery, and talk about my recovery process. So all of that takes organization, patience, strength, and time. Time, being the most plentiful thing that I have, but me strength ebbs and flows like the tide,

I don't write this blog, maintain this website, or film these episodes because I want to be famous, I do it because I want to be happy and do what I enjoy. I do this to advance my own skills, to share my life, to be better each day because of it, and to celebrate my life. Confessions of a Former Fat Girl and Neaux Sugar Added go hand in hand, in fact, I may merge them after a while because they are so intertwined, (except that I love both titles.)

These creative endeavors have brought me closer to my friends and family, and has influenced others. I hope that continues in the future! You don't ever know who you're helping by refusing to live in the shadows, and that is why with each difficult subject I will ever tackle, I stand in the light.

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