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who is she?


Thank you for finding your way to my website. If you’re here, then you’re wondering a little bit about who I am and what, exactly, it is that I do. It took me a long time to figure that out, so I’m excited to be able to share that with you. I am a 31 year old Seattle native currently residing in Little Rock, Arkansas. I consider myself an activist and a feminist. I am a Mental Health Advocate and enthusiast who possesses advanced degrees in the fields of Psychology and Counseling. Additionally, I am a freelance writer, and have contributed content to BET, Blavity, and Someecards, to name a few.


A Jill of Many Trades, if you will, I provide copy-editing services and compositions, as well as some graphic design and screenprinting services, for a reasonable fee. I’ve also documented my journey to becoming the woman I am today across a variety of mediums. My blog “Confessions of a Former Fat Girl” chronicles my experience with Gastric Bypass Surgery and the aftermath. My web series “No Sugar Added,” is an extension of “Confessions” which offers an unfiltered, “unsweetened” look at life and puts a personality and face to the words I’ve written. And finally, my most recent YouTube series, “My Black Ass Mental Health,” offers perspective on that all too taboo topic of mental health in the Black community and provides resources for addressing and effectively managing mental health issues.


Feel free to connect with me across any of my social media platforms: on Twitter, at @BourgeoisNoire; and on YouTube, via my YouTube Channel. If what I have to offer especially resonates with you, free to donate to my PayPal or Cash app here, as all donations go towards production of the “My Black Ass Mental Health” series.


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