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God has kept me going like Energizer

I haven't kept track of how long it's been, but I have been keeping track of how far I've come. I'm maintaining my weight at 150 and it fluctuates between 149 and 156. I'm happy with anything in that scale. I'm currently a size 4-6, depending on the label, and I'm still able to fit little girl's clothes. That still sounds like a punchline to me.

In the last week, one of my sisters had weight loss surgery, so I have transitioned from thinking about myself to concern for her as I motivate her towards success. If she consents, she will be the next contributor to my blog. I've already shared some of her story here, with her permission, of course.

I can't wait to see the change in her in the months and year to come.

Lately, I have been consumed with my new venture in life: graduate school. My next mortarboard will say, "This M.Ed. is for Mommy and Daddy!" I couldn't do anything I'm doing without their help. It's humbling. This semester has been one of the hardest experiences in life. I've been working two jobs on top of full time grad school while caring for my two dogs and experiencing a major life change underneath it all. I'm surprised I'm still alive, it's sheer willpower driving me at this point.

I've learned so much. I live in a beautiful apartment, I bought my first gun, I've been dating great men, and I remain prayerful that my fertility issues are over. I now have the adequate insurance to be able to test my hormones AND get treatment. I'm just about ready to have a baby, I'm just waiting on him, wherever he is.

That's about it for now, here are some pictures!


My 29th birthday celebration I drove myself to Memphis to paint this piece.

When I discovered I looked wonderful in white I am a bridal size six!

Pretty Party Royale at my sorority's annual Christmas party! I slayed!


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