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Baby Rumpshaker

The latest ultrasound took place today and it is about 36 minutes of gold. I am so truly tickled to death by my daughter who...IS STILL A DAUGHTER. I don't know why, but I panicked a few days ago thinking, 'What if I get in there and she isn't a she?!" This is because I put a substantial amount of work into her dresser this weekend. If you'll recall, I bought a second hand IKEA Hemnes from Facebook. I then went to Home Depot (Yes, I know they contribute to the devil's campaign,) and color matched the IKEA drawers so I could spruce them up. What we have now is a sweet masterpiece that will store all of her things.

When the dresser was delivered, I was anxious to get straight to work and I rolled up my sleeves. I started by cleaning each drawer's exterior with soap and water so I had a clean surface to paint and then I began to pour and roll. That part was time consuming because I really just wanted to change the knobs and be done. I thought that I could get away with only painting some of the drawers, but as you can see from picture 6, two drawers are still screaming "PAINT ME."

I changed the knobs for the pink ceramic roses, and I have a super sweet addition to Baby Pearl's room. Pictures 8 and 9 are what kind of organization I'll eventually have for her because I have started to acquire clothing of all sizes for her, but don't necessarily want to try to squeeze every size into her closet.

I am starting to develop very specific ideas for how I want this little Brownie's room to look. Pink and green are my guiding light go-tos here because, DUH, but I'm also adding in cream and gold for hints of glam in the place...and I'm trying to use things that I already have here. What I didn't have, was a canopy and I got one from Five Below in the dorm section.

So far, my amazon shopping list has been light and I'm SURPRISED, but I attribute that to the fact that I am really trying to use what I already own and by very frugal with my purchases. Also, I wasn't joking when I said that I was keeping a spreadsheet of baby expenditures. It's adding up. I wish I could add a poll, "Should I add the car I'm buying to her spreadsheet?" So... what Amazon damage have I done? Some.

It would seem that I am taking care of the necessities. I have bought many other things second hand like the bottles I want to use made by Kiinde. I bought a clearance Dock-A-Tot that sits atop her dresser for now where the changing pad would go, and the rest is going to wait until a later date. I can't afford to get overwhelmed by minutiae.

For cuter offerings, here are some of her little outfits that I have managed to acquire on clearance or made for her. She is going to be so freaking stylish.

I have been trying to be judicious about everything that comes into the house knowing how fast babies grow. I have spreadsheet that projects what size she will be wearing based on the month of her due date to help me not buy a short sleeve shirt for her when it's freezing outside. I even have a newborn snow suit for her because it will be snowing and probably below zero when she's born.

All in all, I'm glad the first trimester is over and I'm past the roughest part of this process because It was hard. This is the fun part, and seeing that little face today really did it for me.


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