Harness PILGRIM is grace and sexuality in one product. Six intersecting leather bands secured with rings and a hemline that accentuates the waist. This model is perfect for everyday wear. You can wear the PILGRIM harness to the office or to a noisy party. 

Also, this model perfectly emphasizes the female breast due to leather stripes, making it visually larger. Try to put on the PILGRIM harness on your naked body and you will immediately understand what we want to say. 

Leather straps are adjustable. There is a wide range of adjustments.  


See last photo for instructions on choosing the correct size.

100% handmade. Material: genuine leather (thickness: 2+ mm)

Accessories: metal, the highest quality

Durability: high level

Do not wash! Do not iron! Do not use products intended for the care of leather shoes! It is necessary to take care of products made of genuine leather with special means. Also, these products should not harm the metal fittings that are used in this product. Be careful. To remove dirt from your product, simply use alcohol-free wet wipes. Do not use shoe polish to add shine because you will stain your clothes that are under the product.

Women's Harness

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