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Self-designed cover for my ebook.

"Yeah, I Said It" Book Cover

"Yeah, I Said It" Book Cover

Self-Designed cover for my e-book.

My graphic design and photography business, stylized as "iconographie," accompanies all of my other businesses, but coincides most with my makeup artistry venture by coordinating and styling photoshoots for my clients.
All of the photography on my websites are my own work and the photos have been edited by me.**


I create presentations, slideshows, videos, and other customized content to fit your needs.

For a price list, click here.*


*Prices are always subject to change, therefore this is a nonexhaustive list. Please contact me in order to recieve an estimate your needs.
**Exceptions include my photoshoot at the historic Earnestine & Hazel's in Memphis, TN. Those photos are the work of Sarai Brown.
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