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Arkansas Democrat Gazette Healthbeat Photoshoot


It was asked of me whether or not I'd like to be featured in the June 28th edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in a section called Healthbeat. This section is dedicated to Arkansans with inspirational stories of weight loss. I'm soooo honored to have been asked. You never know who is watching as you fight your battle. Though you only ever owe it to yourself to live the best life possible, just know that when you win, you show others that there's something worth fighting for and that you survived the battle!

I love it!

Chi Eta Omega Kicks off the THV Summer Cereal Drive


I am a proud, financially active member of the Chi Eta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. On this day, the Family Strengthening Committee represented the chapter at the kick off event for the THV Summer Cereal Drive to provide food to children and families who suffer from food instability. It is truly an honor and an extreme privilege to give my time in this way!

Alia L. Moore sings At Last accompanied by Clyde Harvey


After high tea at The Fairmont in Vancouver, B.C. We posed for pictures with Clyde Harvey who was playing beautifully. As we chatted, he gave us his background which included playing for Etta James herself, so naturally, I had to ask him if he would do me the honor of playing while I sang.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette — Healthbeat

Recently, I was contacted by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette to participate in the Healthbeat subsection, which features inspirational stories of human beings overcoming the odds in order to promote physical health, emotional well-being, or both. As a woman of color, being featured was a blessing and a privilege.


The entire text was authored by me, it is an abridged version of my weight-loss success story.

"You're One of Four"
I have been shown in the media to an exchange that I had with a potential suitor who cancelled a date that I planned. while I am an understanding person, the excuse that he provided seemed fishy and seemed to contradict the hyper-interest that he originally showed.
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